WindFarm Release 4

New purchasers will receive Release 5 as a free upgrade

Prices in euro and General Information

The prices for all WindFarm software include self-guided tutorials. Technical support via email is provided free of charge for one year from the date of purchase.

The main part of the WindFarm suite is divided into 3 groups of modules:

Designer & Utilities

Energy Yield & Optimisation


Graphical user interface
Turbine studio
Data conversion
Map transform
Grid and contour viewers

Energy yield
Wind flow
Wind analysis
Noise calculation

Zone-of-visual-influence *
Photomontage **
Wire frame views **
Shadow Flicker
* Includes cumulative impact
** Includes cumulative impact for Release 4 Standard only

There are also two additional options:

  • WindFarm 3D - 3D landscape visualisation module including cumulative impact
  • Multiple anemometer energy yields - an addition to the Energy Yield module

Release 4 Standard prices for each of the group combinations and options are listed below:

Group or Option


Designer & Utilities + Energy Yield & Optimisation + Visualisation (A)


Designer & Utilities + Energy Yield & Optimisation (B)


Designer & Utilities + Visualisation (C)


WindFarm 3D (Visualisation group must be purchased)


Multiple Anemometer (Energy Yield group must be purchased)


To upgrade from groups B or C to A above the price is 1800 euro.

The main group combinations are available in a reduced cost Release 4 Basic version as listed below:



Designer & Utilities plus Energy Yield  & Optimisation plus Visualisation


Designer & Utilities plus Energy Yield  & Optimisation


Designer & Utilities plus Visualisation


Purchasers of Release 4 Basic have the option to upgrade to Release 4 Standard for the difference between the Standard and Basic prices from one year from the date of purchase.  After this time there will be an additional charge of 150 euro.

These prices relate to a primary licence. Once a primary licence has been purchased, additional licences for use within one company can be added for 900 euro each. Additional licences must be used in the same country and company that holds the primary licence.

Additional licence upgrade from Basic to Standard (per licence): 150 euro.

Release 4 to Release 5 Upgrade Prices

The upgrade price from Release 4 Standard to Release 5 Standard is 900 euro for the primary licence and 300 euro for each additional licence.

For purchasers from the EC the prices exclude VAT.

Please contact ReSoft Ltd if you are interested in purchasing WindFarm


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