Many of the questions received by ReSoft Ltd are specific to the user and are answered on an individual basis. Listed below are some questions of a more general nature that have been asked. If you do not see the answer to your question please contact us.

Q. I have a scanned map with contours, do I need height data?


A. Yes, the scanned map is simply a graphical aid and WindFarm requires separate specification of the height data.


Q. I do not have any terrain height data. Can I digitise from a map?


A. Yes, the Contour Viewer can be used to digitise on screen from a scanned map. It can also be used to edit the digitised contours.


Q. Can I use terrain height data, which I can obtain from an agency in the country where I am working?


A. If the data cannot be converted by WindFarm, then by supplying a sample and the format specification of the data, the Data Conversion module will be modified to convert the data.


Q. Is there a limit on the number of contour points?


A. No, WindFarm uses dynamic allocation, so computing space is expanded as needed.


Q. Do I need WAsP?


A. No, the MS-Micro wind flow method is integrated with WindFarm and therefore you do not need to buy or use WAsP (unlike other software).


Q. Can I use WAsP with WindFarm?


A. Yes, the resource grid output from a WAsP calculation can be used instead of MS-Micro.


Q. How do the WAsP and MS-Micro wind flow methods compare?


A. They are both based on the same science (Jackson-Hunt method) and have been shown to give similar results (see EWEC 1989).


Q. Can I create WAsP input data?


A. Yes, you can create contour data, turbine location data and turbine power data.


Q. My wind data cannot be represented by a Weibull distribution. Can WindFarm use my wind data?


A. Yes, a frequency table specifying hours versus wind speed and direction is normally used. Weibull distributions can be used, but are not recommended. WAsP can only use Weibull distributions.


Q. I have measured wind data on my proposed wind farm site. Can I use it?


A. Yes, and this is the preferred way of specifying wind characteristics. If you have measured data at 2 or more heights the measured wind profile can also be specified.


Q. Can I use different wind turbines on the same wind farm site?


A. Yes, every turbine on the site can be different, including different hub heights. This is essential for wind farm extensions (the extension can be optimised in the presence of the original wind farm).Other software may be restricted to a single hub height.

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